All structural timber and cladding is CCA pressure treated against white ant, wood borer and dry rot,  we give a 20 year guarantee against structural collape on condition that the unit is painted with weatherseal yearly.  The CCA preservative is fixed into the timber.  CCA (Chromated copper arsenate) is a wood preservative what has been used for timber treatment since the mid 1930.  It is a mix of chromium, copper and arsenic (as Copper (II)arsenate) formulated as oxides or salts, and is recognizable for the greenish tint it imparts to timber.  Leaching is low so that the fixed preservative does not pose a threat to people, pets or plants.  CCA treatment is carried out at local sawmill accoding to SABS standards.  We give a 20 year conditional guarantee on our products.

The following is not standard on a Cottage:

  1. Engineering fees
  2. Stability certificate
  3. Geo Tech Engineer
  4. Architects fees and drawings
  5. Gutters, cladding, plumbing, electrical or any inside finishes

We offer the following:


  • Suppy and install DB
  • We only use LED lights.
  • We only install double plugs
  • All wiring and fittings are SABS approved
  • COC certificate can be supplied at a cost
  • Prepaid electrical meters


  1. Geysers, gas or electric
  2. Septic tanks and rain water catchment tanks.
  3. Connecting to sewer line
  4. Shower tray, with waste, mixer, shower arm and rose
  5. Cladding on inside of shower walls with nutec boards
  6. Close Coupling toilet with seat
  7. Basin on pedestal, mixer and waste
  8. Wheel chairs access, showers with build in bench
  9. Shower base can be build with concrete if unit is not to high off the ground.
  10. All pipes and fittings are SABS approved.


  1. The stilt base will be done with H4 CCA treated poles, on top of the poles will be a timber frame made with 38mm x 114m and were stated 38mm x 152mm SA pine.
  2. The poles will be a minimun of 500mm in the ground and will be stalilised with concrete, and offset on a certified brick or concrete footing.


  1. The walls and celing will be painted with under coat first and then a washable acrylic paint.
  2. The timber cover strips will be painted with a universal undercoat first and then two coats of paint will be applied. The quote is for white paint only.
  3. The inner walls which has timber cladding can be sanded and sealed with polyurethane.
  4. Please remember to paint the outside of your unit yearly with weatherseal, to help prevent the unit form drying out, we sell if in 5l units.


  1. Floor covering is 25mm treated planed SA Pine planks, or for an extra cost any product of your choice.
  2. Floor coverings are nailed onto the floor bearers with 75mm nails.
  3. The roof bearer and uprights are also made with 38mm x 114mm CCA treated timber.
  4. The balustrades are in the palisade style and the spacing between the palisades are 100mm.


  1. The floor cladding is made from 25mm treated planed SA Pine, butt ended.
  2. Under the floor planks is a layer of black plastic.
  3. The sanding and sealing and counter sinking of floor nails can be quoted sepreatly.
  4. Floor planks are nailed onto the floor bearers with 75mm nails.
  5. There are no shutter board under the floor cladding.


  1. Cottage pane sliding door is supplied and fitted, slidingdoor is made from SA Pine painted with a wax preservative and fitted with a sliding door lock and two handles, glass is certified and SABS approved.
  2. Inner doors will be supplied and fitted, they are hollowcore masionite doors, fitted with hinges and economo 2 lever lock set. The doors and meranti frames are not painted , sanded or sealed,
  3. Alumium doors are available on request.

Wooden Windows:

  1. Windows are made from SA Pine and are fitted with 3mm glass and a metal window stay, in a Cottage pane style.
  2. Windows are dipped in ama-dip during manufacturing
  3. Burglar bars are supplied, we offer burglar bars for all our windows.
  4. Aluminium windows are available on request.
  5. Meranti windows are also available on request.

Roof insulaation:

  1. Allububble insulation under roof sheets, advanced benefits and features of allububble;
  2. Does not crack – UV protected.
  3. Does not discolour
  4. Does not Delaminate
  5. Non Toxic
  6. Non Carcinogenic
  7. Does not attract rodents
  8. Has no Fibres
  9. Reduces dust penetration
  10. Non Static

Inside cladding – walls and ceilings:

  1. Walls that do not have a timber finish will be cladded with 12.5mm gypsum board
  2. Where necessary extra battens will be fitted.
  3. The board joints will be covered with treated pine strips 12mm x 40mm
  4. In the bathroom were there is a shower, water resitant board is used.
  5. 12mm x 40mm treated cover strips will be placed around the doors, windows and electric distribution box.
  6. 12mm x 40mm skirting board made with SA Pine will be fitted, unpainted.
  7. The ceiling will be done with 6.4mm gypsum board.
  8. All joins will be done in the same way as the wall joins.
  9. Insulation can be added were required in colder parts of KZN.

Outer wall cladding:

  1. 25mm x 110mm CCA preasure treated timber painted with wax preservative (Flag Ship finish – Overlapping slats)on the outside.
  2. The wooden profile will be nailed vertically onto frame with 45mm anodized serrated nails. The nail holes are not counter sunked, filled or sealed.
  3. Inner walls that form part of the support structure will have cladding.
  4. Timber walls with Log finish is only planned and not sanded, painted or sealed.
  5. All other walls inside will be cladded with 12.5mm rhino board.


  1. Outside and inside frames made with 38mm x 38mm and 38mm x 76mm CCA preasure treated timber planed and unpainted, nailed together with steel nails.
  2. Our flag ship finish is Overlapping slats.
  3. Vertical log profile is also available on request.
  4. Unit can be painted any colour on the outside, if not waxoiled

General information on huts:

  1. CCA Pressure treated A grade SA Pine.
  2. Very Sturdy construction
  3. Onus rest on client to comply with the local building regulations.
  4. Glazed windows, door cut panel fitted with padbolt.
  5. All huts have wooden floors and unpainted corrugated iron roof sheets. (Please paint roof sheets after 3 months).
  6. Price includes VAT , installation and Delivery, windows ,insulation and bricks are excluded.
  7. No foundations are required. Bricks need to be supplied by client (we are able to supply) to lift the hut of the ground.  The amount varies according to the size of the hut.
  8. Ground must be flat, level and firm. We do not accept responsibility for problems incurred due to sites not levelled as requested.
  9. Gound sloping more than half a ruler will require levelling by the client, or dummy stils.
  10. Stilts and dummy poles can also be provided by us, at an additonal cost.
  11. 1m additional working space must be allowed all around for installtion and subsequent painting of the hut.

Extras on Request.

  1. Zinkulum colour bond roof sheets or Nutec sheets or Policarbon colour sheets are available on request.
  2. Larger Windows or Aluminium windows and doors
  3. Sky window in roof truss on hut larger than 2.4m
  4. Verandas with a roof, floor and ballustrades
  5. Cottage Pane SAP sliding door with key and lock.
  6. Stable door or an extra door, Meranti or Gemini door cut from panel.
  7. Rhino board ceilings and cladding of walls.
  8. Sanding and sealing of floor.
  9. Plumbing and Electricity
  10. Silt bases
  11. Stair cases
  12. Extra insulation namley Spunsulation or isothem.